Creative Essence: Getting Clicks for My Long-Form Article

I didn’t always know my creative essence. Creativity has been a center in my life for as long as I can remember, but it’s been a long journey for me to know why I make what I do. Using this as a premise, I wrote a long-form article on understanding your creative essence, based on what I’ve done to understand my own. 

Now that I’ve completed my long-form article, I realized that I need to consider how I’ll make it known and read by audience members. Social media! 

In another blog post, I visually displayed that writing for each platform is necessary to gain the right reaction. So, below I did it again, but with my own social media accounts and a real article that I want to get out into the world. 

Here’s what I wrote for three different platforms, meant to gain traction for my article. 


For Twitter, I wanted to keep it short and simple – relating to its signature 280 character limit. While this post is notably lower than that limit, Twitter is also a platform known for its ease in retweeting and fast scrolling. Choosing to focus on the five different creative types, this post should gain quick interest and result in a higher click rate. 


LinkedIn’s purpose is for professional career development and networking, so I needed this post to market towards that. Luckily, my long-form article has roots in one of those main subjects – development. I wanted to keep this post personal and get to the point that reflecting on yourself will help build confidence and identity with the always fast-changing creative fields. The image is a hand written visual of finding my values, that relates to the self-reflection noted in the first sentence. This shows the audience that I actively used my noted exercises to find my creative essence, and that they could easily do the same.


This post was the easiest to write since I imagined how I would want to write to my friends on Facebook. I focused a fair amount on myself (since, you know, I did write the article) but also related it to how it can help the readers. At the end of the post, I thought it was necessary to point out that there’s a bonus to finding out your creative type, ideally engaging more members out of their curious nature. 

Using different approaches for the same long-form article and staying native to each platform should help result in higher clicks – making my article known to the digital world! I’m excited to see the result, hoping that my audience members will understand their creative essence through my writing.

You can read my article here.

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