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UX Research Report: PM&J

It’s here – the final UX report that I’ve mentioned in several previous blog posts!  For the past few weeks, I’ve been researching different effective UX methods for evaluation of a website in preparation for a redesign. The company’s website that I chose to research is PM&J. They are a vendor for large retailers that…

Usability Testing

This last week, I conducted usability testing for a UX report that I’m creating (coming soon!) for a company’s website, called PM&J. Usability testing is one piece of the big puzzle, but one of the most essential ones. So, I’m writing an entire post dedicated to the process! Usability testing is a technique to understand…

Designing For Desirability

In my last two blog posts, I explained UX methods that I’m planning to conduct for a UX report. This week, I’ve gathered details about another method that’s ideal for visual design and aesthetic appeal. This method is called desirability studies.  Desirability studies are informative for designers to launch an engaging look for a new…

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